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AlwaysAdventure.net is an adventure blog.  Even if I’m not traveling to some exotic location, or trying out a new food, I try to find an adventure in everything I do, even if it’s something that most people would find mundane.  No one does the exact same thing every single day.  There’s always variation, no matter how small and those variations are what make the experience, that makes an adventure.

My goal is to be able to travel around and share adventures, as well as introduce you to new things that might go overlooked in the day-to-day.  These new things may be a local product that’s only available in a specific region, a quaint café in a little town in a rural area, or a family-owned shop in the heart of a metropolitan city.

I also have pets, and living with two cats, one of whom has three legs, is an adventure in itself.  I hope to eventually attempt to travel with them and explore what it’s like traveling with pets, but also finding products that work for pet travel, special needs pets (the three-legged cat also has a sensitive stomach) or things that are just neat.

You’ll also see that the posts contain links within them – these are Amazon Affiliate links to products that are related to the article.  I get a few cents when you buy a recommended product, which will go toward being able to provide more content – travel, products, etc.

Thank you for reading!  🙂