Advances in Modern Technology

As a blogger, my computer is my lifeblood. As a person, my computer is my lifeblood.

My main computer is a 2017 15″ Macbook Pro. I’ve been using Apple products for almost my entire life and they’re what work for me. I generally have my Macbook Pro connected to my TV for a second monitor, so it’s more of a desktop, because I don’t really take it places. I’m not particularly fond of the keyboard, though I do love the Touch Bar.

My “backup” is an i3 Surface Pro 3, which I primarily use for Photoshop, Kindle or for playing videos or reading recipes while cooking. It’s more portable, so I take it with me around the house. However, I don’t particularly care much for Windows, and it’s very slow to work on.

Which brings me to a current technical issue – the battery on my Macbook Pro decided to work on its New Year’s Resolution early and “got swole”, thereby seemingly disconnecting itself from what allows it to charge, causing the AC adapter to overheat to the point where I have to pick it up with a towel in order to handle it, and it bloated the bottom case of the computer so it no longer rests on its little feet.

That being said, after an emergency phone call with Apple, the earliest they were able to fit me in for an appointment was this Wednesday at 7:30PM.

I will try my best to make simple updates on my Surface until the situation is fixed, however, a lot of the material I had been working on is currently on that computer.

Wish my poor laptop, “Deadpool” luck on his adventure at the repair shop. 🙂

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