The Best Laid Plans … (Part 2)

Believe me when I say that the adventure down to Texas was probably the biggest adventure I had there.

Sure, I did some neat things, such as go to a bunch of hard rock/metal shows at local venues and hung out with my favorite band a couple times, (which I may or may not write about,) but to be honest, I kind of became a shut-in.  I only really left my apartment to go to work and would take care of errands after work while I was already out so I wouldn’t have to leave on the weekends.

After the first year, I moved into my own apartment, that I actually really liked, adopted two cats, (Chalupa Batman and Squirtle, who will be written about frequently, so consider this your head’s up,) and found that living on my own was pretty great.  I still did the shut-in thing, which probably became worse, since I no longer had to leave to bring roommates to work or go random places, but that was OK.  I wasn’t enjoying living in Texas and by then, had kind of resolved myself to working hard to find another job and move.

About a year and a half of living on my own, I found myself unemployed and I moved back home.

I want to say that being shoved in a Ford Fiesta with two cats, a rabbit and my mother for three days while we drove from Texas to New England was exciting and we bonded and had a great mother-daughter experience, but it wasn’t.  We took turns driving and whoever wasn’t driving, slept in the car.

We stopped at pet-friendly hotels, where Squirtle had the time of his life spending all night jumping between the two beds in the rooms.  (And considering he has three legs, I was very impressed with him.)


As much as I disliked the two and a half years I spent in Texas, I wouldn’t change it.  I took a chance at something and even though it didn’t work out, it’s OK.  I learned a lot, like how everything is worth trying at least once.

Risks can be risky, but the outcome can always be a positive if you make it one.  Anything you try is a learning experience and has the potential to be an adventure.

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