The Journey Begins … and it’s Terrible

I used to blog when I was younger and going back to those old blogs now makes me cringe so hard, I worry about cracking my molars.

But, back through them I went, because I spent a lot of time on the fence, debating whether I should try my hand at blogging again.  Amid the sea of silly quiz results, (if I were an affliction, I’d be rabies, if you’re wondering,) I wrote about my day, about the music I liked, concerts I went to and just various things someone leaving high school and entering college would do.  One thing I noticed was that I never really went in-depth about how I thought about things or what I experienced.  Saying “Oh em gee, I saw [insert band here] and I was in the front row and the lead singer looked at me!  Best.  Night.  Ever!!!!!!!oneone111” doesn’t count.  I guess I never really took the time to appreciate the things around me to the point where it’d stick.  Looking back at that, I regret it, simply because now that I can appreciate it, I can’t really go back.

When you’re younger, you coast by, thinking you’re indestructible, full of piss and vinegar.  Eventually, you take one too many bumps in the mosh pit and suddenly, your body becomes it’s own, or you drink a little too much one night and your hangover lasts a little too long afterwards.  That kind of stuff sneaks up on you.

And it sucks.

However, after that mild feeling of “Oh god, oh god, oh god I need to do ALL OF THIS RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I AM CLEARLY DYING AND IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!oneoneone111!!!” (no, you never actually grow out of accidentally releasing the Shift key when typing in excitement or panic,) you emerge from your blanket fort/nest/cocoon and realize you need to slow down and appreciate the things you took advantage of.  It’s at this point, you have two choices – you can dwell on all the things you should’ve done, or you can look forward and fully enjoy the things you’re going to do.

It took me a long time, several boots to the ass by supportive friends, and several gallons of Teavana Youthberry White Tea, (1.85oz – 15 bags), for me to realize that Ferris Bueller was right (sort of,) when he said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Life is what you make it.  If you want it to go fast, it’ll go fast.  If you want to take the time to experience what it has to offer, you have the power to do so.  Granted, you can’t control how other people’s lives will interfere with yours, but it’s a matter of harmonizing.

Anyway …


This is my adventure blog.

Regardless of whether I’m helping a customer at my retail job, getting lost in the middle of Malta or curled up in a pile of blankets and cats, everything is always an adventure.

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